Rising to Courage
Rising to Courage

Welcome to Rising to Courage

A space to grow in faith with Biblical training and accountability from sisters in Christ.

About Us

Founded by mother daughter team (Kris and Kayla) as a place for women of all ages and walks of life to be in community, study God's word together, and grow in discipline and leadership.

Why You Should Join Us

Community. Like-minded women who want to study God's word and grow together. The Church, the body of Christ, is global and diverse. By joining this network, you're saying "hello" to new sisters in Christ waiting to journey alongside you.

Accountability. Sometimes it's tough to be disciplined when you feel like you're alone. In this community, you'll have plenty of opportunities to set goals and rhythms, and the community to help keep you moving in the right direction.

Free Bible studies. Our commitment to you: there will always be a free study happening within the community. That means new lessons each week that help you stay in the word weekly, plus live training and discussion.  

Social without social media. No ads. No manipulation. You'll only see what you signed up to see. We created this to be a safe space to get the community and encouragement without the garbage so prevalent in today's social media apps.

A Big Thanks

We do this because we love you and we love God's word. This group will always be free to join, so invite your friends and let's make this the most encouraging place on the internet!

Love, Kayla and Kris.